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      ST-8010Touch-screen thermostat

      BT8010 LCD Room Thermostat, adopting International advanced microcomputer chip control technology, is used for temperature control of central air-conditioning fan coil units system and air hose system. By comparing the room temperature with the set temperature, then we can control the open and close of the electric control valve and electric ball valve for the fan coil at the terminal air conditioning. In this way, the room temperature can stay at a stable range.


      ST-8010Touch-screen thermostat

      Technical parameters:

      If the working voltage: AC90V~AC250V


      Power consumption: less than or equal to 1W.

      If the load current: 2A (resistive load)

      1A (inductive load)

      The working temperature of 5 DEG C to 35 C:

      The temperature control accuracy: plus or minus 1 DEG C

      The size: 100mmX90mmX12.5mm

      The installation size: Standard 86 box (depth more than 35mm)




      Product features:

      The appearance of luxury, stainless steel wire drawing

      A large touch screen control, sensitive reaction

      In the English interface.

      The two or three line of control valve

      The blue backlight

      The clock function, double temperature display

      The timer switch, temperature correction

      The automatic speed: intelligent control

      The manual wind speed: high winds, and low wind stroke

      The RS485 remote communication interface (optional)